Types of Fees You Should Expect From a Property Management Company


The popularity of property management companies seems to be increasing in different parts of the world. Actually, their number continues to rise every day as property owners look for assistance. As is the case with any other service provider you may choose to work with, it is important to have a clear idea of the amount of money you have to part with when hiring property managers. This action goes a long way in making sure you do not have to spend more than you had initially planned. Here are the different types of fees you should expect from a property management company.

Management Fees

Most if not all property management companies will always charge management fees to their clients. Some management companies prefer to go with a flat fee, while others tend to cut a certain percentage of collected rent (7-10% of the rent amount). Remember, you need to discuss how they are going to charge the management fees prior to hiring them. The good news is that renowned property management agencies like Eenhoorn will be more than happy to share this information with their clients.


Application Fees

Many property management companies are fond of charging a non-refundable application fee even before they see your property. Fortunately, the application fee tends to vary from one agency to another. To avoid breaking the bank, it would be better to rely on the services of a company that does not charge high application fees or one that does not have any. When relying on the services of Eenhoorn, you will never have to worry about application fees. This is because Paul Heule, the CEO, views it as a barrier that only slows things down.

Maintenance Fees

Finally yet importantly is the maintenance fee although it is usually hidden from the clients. Of course, a property management company should take care of repair request, but property owners need to check and see if the contract binds you to their contractors. If the contract requires you to rely on the company’s contractors, then you have no choice but to honor it.

To avoid paying numerous fees when hiring a property management company, you can consider opting for the services offered by Eenhoorn. Founded by Paulus Heule close to thirty years ago, Eenhoorn will make sure you always get a good return on your investment.