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So, you are planning to evaluate a property manager before making your final decision. Well, this is exactly what you ought to do if you are to hire a reputable property management company. As is the case with any other interview, you will have to ask some questions aimed at making sure you know more regarding the property manager. As you ask the questions, here are 3 red flags you need to watch out for. These tips will go a long way in making sure you hire the right professional.

Failing to Provide References

It is with no denying that every business has customers they have served before. You should therefore request for references when evaluating a property manager. Reputable property management companies like Eenhoorn will never hesitate to provide this information since they always attain client satisfaction. Actually, Paul Heule (Eenhoorn CEO) has made sure the references are easily accessible to all. Do not work with property managers who fail to provide references when requested. This is a clear indication they are hiding something that can end up costing you big time in the long run.


Slow to Respond

The first meeting is very vital since you will get to understand the true personality of a property manager. This is mostly the case when you are interacting with one another with the main intention of getting more information. If a property manager is hesitant or slow in responding to your queries, things are certainly destined to get worse after hiring them. The same case applies when the property manager arrives late for the appointment. That is why Paulus Heule and his entire team provide a timely response when asked questions by potential clients.

Unprofessional Appearance or Behavior

How a property manager appears or behaves during the appointment will speak a lot regarding their personality. One thing you should never forget is that any property manager you choose is going to represent you as a professional real estate investor. Do not tarnish you reputation by hiring a property manager with an unprofessional behavior or appearance. Most investors who do this end up regretting their decision sooner or later.

Never leave out anything when evaluating a property management company. After all, you may never have the chance to evaluate them again especially if your miss the above-mentioned red flags.

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