Things to Remember When Shopping for Commercial Floor Mats


No matter the nature of your building, or the weather and related hazards you cope with, it is always better to prioritize employee safety. You have the obligation to keep your employees and visitors safe and enhance the appearance of your workplace. And among the best ways to help make this possible is by taking advantage of what commercial floor mats offer businesses and organizations.

But purchasing a floor mat or determining which solutions is ideal for you can be confusing. No wonder you should never rush into paying for custom logo mats without clear insights on how to go about this decision. As you start the buying process, here are three important factors that’ll greatly influence the type of product you need for your floors.

Ideal Placement

By far the most essential issue is where you will be placing the logo rug. Will it go inside or outside? Do you want to put it at the entrance to your facility or in areas that require specialized mats like kitchens, clean rooms, gyms, or salons? Understanding the placement requirements will determine which matting material to choose.

Most businesses and organizations tend to prefer investing in both outdoor and indoor matting. For instance, going with outdoor ‘scraper’ mats and indoor ‘carpet’ mats guarantees maximum protection against incoming dirt, moisture, and debris.

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Traffic Flow

Indoor custom logo mats must be perfectly tailored to the amount of foot traffic the areas gets on a daily basis. For small businesses, there is nothing wrong with opting for a simple mat since it may be sufficient to handle light foot traffic. Things tend to be different for areas experiencing high traffic flow, as a recessed grill system is ideal and more effective.

Climate Conditions

It is also essential that you factor in the climatic conditions in your area before purchasing custom logo mats. A business in the dry deserts and one in snowy areas experience different issues as to the types of weather-related hazards that could lead to slip and fall accidents or cause damage to flooring.

In case your business or organization is in a tropical, temperate, and severe environment, then you definitely need to invest in a unique kind of logo run. Bear in mind many businesses are fond of purchasing different mats to use during different times of the year. That way, you will always have the right commercial floor mat with you.

In Conclusion

Shopping for commercial floor mats is among those decisions you should never rush over. That’s especially the case with commercial floor mats with logo since they can showcase a logo, name, or even a professional message to make your prospects and customers feel welcome.

The good news is you can make an informed decision by merely speaking with professional. At Ultimate Mats, we make the highest quality custom door mats. Choose from our custom logo mats or logo rugs, add your logo, after which you should choose the size, orientation, backing and border.

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