The Homeowner Shoots The HOA president For Delaying His Dues, Informed By Police


Police identified the woman whose name is Belinda Tucker who survived the shooting fortunately and hospitalized in the Dallas hospital Sunday night. The incident happened in LANCASTER, Texas. A Texas man faced criminal charges after shooting the woman more than one time due to the unpaid rent, as what the police said. The shooter was Kenneth Haggerty, 59 years old and police arrested him of two charges for assaulting the woman with a deadly weapon. The police Lt. Nate Thompson also told that after shooting the woman, he fired at her husband too.

The police have also searched for multiple reports regarding the frauds of an HOA in the neighborhood city of the same area where the incident took place on Sunday. Officers went to the 1000 block Rawlins Drive at 5 p.m. The police said that the man pulled his car in front of Belinda while she was also in the car and he blocked her way so that she could not get anywhere. The shooter got out of his vehicle after then, and after going through some sort of argument, he began firing her car. Thompson said that the evidence was about the unpaid rent of his house.

Belinda’s husband is Anthony Tucker, who is the president of the Pleasant Run Estates Homeowners Association. And Belinda is the former mayoral candidate who got some hits in her arms, head, and hand. Her husband was present at that moment, and after seeing what was going on, she too started shooting at that man, and the two exchanged gunfire in front of Belinda.

The police took both men to the custody, however, luckily, Tucker got released without having to pay for any charges. And then Tucker went to the hospital to heal her wounds.

Michel Opana
Michel Opana
Michel Opana was born in 1988, is an American technology journalist. She's presently the editor in chief of Wired and erst the editor of the Thompson could be a contributor for CBS News and frequently seems on CBS This Morning and CBSN. Michel graduated high school from Phillips Academy, she graduated from Stanford Phi Beta Kappa and with honors. She attained a double major in earth systems and government, whereas conjointly finishing a 3rd degree in political economy. She was conjointly the US President Scholar and vice chairman of the scholar government. Email:

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