SwiftKey: Most Popular Alternative Keyboard on Android


Using your Android smartphone can at times prove to be difficult especially if it does not have every feature that you need.  This is because you will have to go through a lot before accessing the things that you need. However, this does not necessarily have to be the case since there are so many different apps designed to make your Android smartphone better. One such app is the famous SwiftKey, the most popular keyboard that is available on Android.SwiftKey keyboard can also be enjoyed by owners of iPhones or iPads since Apple allows the use of use of third party keyboards in iOS 8. Here are some of the things that you need to know about the famous SwiftKey keyboard.

Key Features of SwiftKey Keyboard

  • SwiftKey Cloud

If you have ever used any third party keyboard before, chances are you already know that they tend to learn from what you type. However, SwiftKey has taken this to a new level thanks to their SwiftKey Cloud feature.Just as the name suggests, the keyboard keeps every “Learned Language” online so that you can access it from any other device hassle free.

The good thing about SwiftKey Cloud feature is that it not onlysyncs information but also learns from how you use language on any social media platform.  You can, therefore, link your Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or any other social media account in order for SwiftKey to create your personal language profile.

  • Smart Space

One of the most useful feature of SwiftKey is Smart Space. This feature is specifically included to tell whenever you accidentally omit or screw up space when typing. Actually, with Smart Space you can simple type an entire sentence without spaces and Smart Space will make the corrections. This feature also comes in handy when you type a different letter without realizing. For instance, it will correct you after typing “V” instead of “B”.

  • SwiftKey Flow

SwiftKey Flow is quite similar to the gesture-based input scheme that is common in Swype. With this feature, you will be able totype by simply dragging your finger across the letters in a single continuous motion.  To make it even better, you can glide over the spacebar key thus typing several words without necessarily having to lift your finger from the screen. SwiftKey keyboard users who have learnt to use this feature tend to have a very fast typing speed.

SwiftKey is among the must have apps if you wish to use your Android smartphone effectively.  To get this one of a kind app, you will have to visit Google Play Store.You can then download and install the app in your Android device free of charge. Once installed, you will get to enjoy the numerous features that it comes with. Remember to update the app whenever there is a new release if you are to avoid encountering issues that will make it hard for you to benefit from the numerous features that it comes with.

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