Pay per click affiliate programs for making money

Before providing you with the best affiliate marketing programs, we consider it necessary to provide you with precise information about what affiliate marketing is exactly about. So affiliate marketing is a type of digital marketing in which you promote other products to make money from their sales. In this, you are paid with a commission on every sale made to that seller from your affiliate links.

What is a pay-per-click affiliate program and how is it different from affiliate marketing?

So as we mentioned above, in affiliate marketing, you are paid a commission on every sale made to the seller through your affiliate links. However, in the PPC affiliate program, you are paid small fees on every click on your affiliate links, no sale is necessary.

Though PPC affiliate marketing is one of the most popular affiliate programs used, it is not the only one on the list. There are some other affiliate programs that can earn you a fair income as well. Some popular affiliate programs in the current time are; Pay Per Impression, Pay Per Action, Pay Per Sale, Pay Per Call, Pay Per Download, and Pay Per Lead.

What are the benefits of Pay Per Click affiliate programs?

The major benefits that you get by choosing the Pay per Click affiliate program have been mentioned below.

  • No sale required: In pay per click affiliate marketing program, you need not worry about the sales of the products you are linking to. You will get a commission on every click made on your affiliate link, no matter whether the sale is made or not.
  • Low competition: In pay per click affiliate program, you will find the competition is quite less than that of the product affiliate programs because there are only a few pay per click service providers.
  • Higher conversion rates: According to several studies, PPC provides users with higher conversion rates than any other affiliate marketing program.

Best Pay per click affiliate programs

Below, we have mentioned some of the best pay per click affiliate programs that are applicable for all types of blogs and websites.

  • Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a premium ad network introduced by Google that is currently the top PPC affiliate program currently that helps in bringing in new visitors and more sales. It allows you to display ads on your website or blogs where you will be building a relationship with your customers. When your audience clicks on the ad, you get a commission. If you are putting your best in bringing in more traffic and more sales, ads can be the best way to add to your revenue. With these ads, you can link back to your landing page and create customized ads on your home page. You can check out other PPC affiliate programs here.