How to Take Care of Your Custom Logo Rug


We all agree that logo mats are a low-cost way to add flare to your facility and increase brand visibility. Provided you settle for custom logo mats made of the highest-quality materials such as those at Ultimate Mats, rest in knowing they will you make a good first impression to customers and prospects.

But for this to happen, you need to ensure they look great at all times. Regular maintenance and taking care of your logo rug is important to extending its life. So how do you go about this all-important task? Here are some quick tips to help you.

Avoid Do-It-Yourself Rug Cleaning

For most people, blotting a spill with paper towels is the first step to containing the damage. But this will never work for custom logo mats since they receive high-foot traffic. That’s not to say you should also use chemicals and cleaning solutions designed for synthetic mats to have them cleaned.

After all, hard detergents are abrasive and have the potential to damage your logo rug. Furthermore, applying water to stains is not recommended when cleaning your mat. Dyes may run and bleed, discoloring the mat and damaging the floor underneath. In short, try as much as possible to avoid DIY area rug cleaning.

Professionally Clean Your Custom Logo Mats

No rug logo treatment replaces occasional professional cleaning. Even when having your janitor around, professional mat cleaning is a must to extend the life of your custom logo mats and bring out their natural beauty and bright colors. The average time recommended between professional cleaning is usually every 12-18 months.

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Since most logo mats are situated in a heavy traffic area, you may have to clean them more often. Only professional entryway mat cleaning removes stains, dirt, and only professional rug cleaning ensures that the cleaning method relied doesn’t make dyes bleed and cause damage to your mat.

Vacuum Between Professional Rug Cleanings

Merely because you have hired professional cleaners to clean your mats, it doesn’t mean you should leave it at that. Proper mat cleaning entails regularly vacuuming your rugs on both sides. Even though vacuuming doesn’t remove all debris from deep within the rug’s pile, it helps remove some of the dirt and dust and reduces allergens trapped within the fibers. Vacuuming keeps your custom logo rug fairly clean between professional cleanings.

The Bottom Line

Proper care and maintenance of your commercial floor mats from Ultimate Mats is something you can never risk skimping on. Not only does this leave them looking their best at all times, but it also helps increase their lifespan. The good news is you don’t have to go through a lot to make this possible.

Be sure to vacuum between professional area rug cleanings, rotate rug for even wear, invest in a rug pad, and avoid Do-It-Yourself area rug cleaning. The simple things you choose to do will certainly go a long way in making sure your logo mats look good at all times.

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