Homz N Space: How to Book a Space in the Luxurious Godrej Nurture Residential Apartment

Godrej Nurture is one of the most widely sought after residential apartmentsat the moment. Launched at the heart of E City(Electronic City), Hosur Road, Bangalore, this project comes with everything you might be looking for in a residential apartment. However, for you to purchase a unit in the apartment, you will have to submit a booking as early as possible. The good news is that you can pull this off hassle free by opting to rely on the services of Homz N Space. Here is how you can book yourself a unit in Godrej Nurture E City residential apartment.

  • Fill The Enquiry Form

Before doing anything else, you will first have to visit Homz N Space website as they work hand in hand with the developers. Here, you should fill and submit the application form after which a representative from Homz N Space will get back to you. You must let the representative know about all requirements you might be looking for in a residential apartment. With this information, the representative is going to share everything you need to know regarding Godrej Nurture Electronic City residential apartment. Some of the things you are set to find out include floor plans, payment schedule, latest availability etc.

  • Professional Assistance

To make your quest easy, Homz N Space is going to schedule a site visit to Godrej Nurture Bangalore apartments. If this is not enough, they will offer a helping hand in choosing a unit that meets all your requirements. For those who still need further assistance then they are willing to take you through every process involved when completing the booking formalities. Actually, this action is mean to get you the best Godrej Nurture price from the developers thus saving on cost.

  • Booking Formalities

After examining the site, you should proceed to fill the legal documents as is the case when booking any other residential apartment. Representatives from Homz N Space always offer professional assistance when filling the forms and hence there is no need to worry about anything. Keep in mind that you need to have important documents such as copy of PAN card, ID proof, passport size photo and a cheque book. When having these documents, it will prove quite easy in completing the boking formalities.

  • Booking Confirmation

Once everything is in place, you will get an email confirmation regarding your booking from the builder. This is going to be followed up by an allotment letter. Finally, the CRM team are going to provide any other information you might need to know about the project status and property registrations.

The Bottom Line

Booking a unit in Godrej Nurture residential apartment is never going to take you long. Simply make use of the above guide if you are to complete the booking formalities hassle free. Remember you are free to book a unit that is in line with your financial muscle.