What You Need to Know about Equipment Financing

Many times, a firm cannot manage to pay cash and deplete its reserve funds in order to obtain or renew the supplies it needs to run its operations. Which results in reduced cash flow and a low marketing budget. These supplies are the vital requirements of a business and cannot be ignored. However, they can be leased. equipment leasing or equipment financing is not a new topic but a concept used by businesses for many years. A firm does not have to pay any upfront expenses or payments, so expenditures and payments can be spread out over a certain period of time. At the end of the lease period, the company has the option of returning or keeping the equipment. Sounds interesting right? Let’s dive deep into some more reasons, why you need to consider leasing financing.

Reasons why you should go for Equipment leasing

●       Better than bank loans

Leases of commercial equipment are different from loans. In order to secure a loan, your bank or lender usually requires a down payment equal to the equipment’s immediate depreciation. This is not the case with leasing equipment. Also, Bank charge interest rates on loans which will result in more money in the future even when the price of equipment keep depreciating.

●       Tax Saver

Leasing equipment comes with tax advantages as well. As a result, businesses can deduct 100 percent of each payment as a direct operational expense, reducing their overall taxable revenues. Tax savings is one way businesses can minimize their taxable revenues.

●       Easy Process

The process of equipment financing is very easy and convenient. Unlike a loan, an equipment loan Singapore does not require complex paperwork. Many people assume that heavy machinery, such as trucks, bulldozers, and tractors, is the only kind of equipment that may be financed. Companies, on the other hand, can lease nearly anything, from software to office furniture, computers, phone systems, copiers, and so on.


Equipment leasing singapore is not a new concept and is followed by many Singapore firms. It can allow organizations to improve their equipment while still maintaining working capital. Companies may also locate and obtain finance for their equipment more easily and quickly with no money down. If you are searching for an equipment financing singapore based company, then you are at the right place. You can visit the Ethozgroup website to know more about equipment leasing.