Things to Look for When Purchasing Leather Sofas


Leather sofas have been widely known for standing the test of time, being ultra-durable even with animals in your home. Actually, they represent a sense of style and sophistication and you merely can’t outdo the smell of a genuine leather sofa set occupying your living room.

While you might have to dig deeper into your pockets when checking in at leather sofa Singapore shops, they’re definitely worth the investment when considering the number of years you will enjoy them.

Like everything else, you have access to different quality types in the leather sofas you choose. Genuine leather sofas are divided into two main types during the tanning process, the top grain and the bottom split.

When on the lookout for the ideal leather sofa in Singapore, keep the following useful tips in mind to ensure success.

Tiny Imperfections

When searching for the best leather sofa Singapore, it is essential that you look for tiny imperfections. Keep in mind real leather will never be smooth. The natural grain contains grooves and unevenness, which determines its authenticity. There is nothing wrong with staying clear of imperfections unless you are interested in buying a genuine leather sofa set in Singapore.

Check the Back and Side Panels

Take it upon yourself to ensure what you’re planning to buy isn’t faux leather. Real grain leather comes in small patches, which is why it is vital to have a look at the back and side panels of the couch.  In the event that the panels are large, the grain many not be real, meaning the leather is not real.

Durability With Stretching

Most leather sofa Singapore dealers will allow you to inspect the sample swatch before making the necessary payments. For this reason, you should always stretch it out a tiny bit in order to determine how well your leather sofa will age. This also gives you a relatively good indication of what the leather would look like once upholstered into a furniture frame.

You need to know this particular important detail before making the purchase. This is especially if you plan on enjoying your genuine leather couch for years still to come. No wonder you can never risk skimping on durability with stretching.

Hopefully, the above tips can come in handy the next time you decide to buy a leather sofa in Singapore without exceeding your budget.

Kaitlyn Fullmer
Kaitlyn Fullmer
Kaitlyn Fullmer was born March 27, 1990, is an associate degree, American journalist. she's wide attributable with pioneering the trendy, consumer-focused, technology review and statement. She was the principal technology editorialist for The Wall Street Journal. She conjointly co-founded AllThingsD, rearranged it and therefore the D and Code Conferences. Kaitlyn was govt Editor of The Verge and Editor-at-Large of rearranging, internet sites owned by voice Media. Kaitlyn wrote a weekly column for each and conjointly had a weekly podcast, Ctrl-alt-Delete. Kaitlyn was conjointly co-executive producer of the annual Code Conference. Email:

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