Red Flags When Looking to Work with a Divorce Lawyer


With the growing number of divorce lawyers claiming to help children and families in Singapore, it might feel overwhelming when searching for the best. After all, every divorce lawyer claims to have the needed knowledge to help you through everything from start to finish. Whereas some mean what they say, others are only interested in working with you.

That’s why you ought to carry out detailed research and looking for a divorce lawyer who can offer highly personalised level of service. But how do you separate the good eggs from the bad ones while searching around? Here are two red flags to watch out for when looking to work with a divorce lawyer.

Difficulty in Reaching Them

Before you even think about working with a divorce attorney, it is in your best interest that you figure out the duration it takes you to reach them. Even though the waiting time tends to vary from one attorney to the other, never settle for one who makes you wait for an unreasonable time to hear from them. Actually, you are better off looking elsewhere in order to get the needed response within the shortest time possible.

Basic Understanding of Family Law

For a divorce attorney to be better placed to handle unique circumstances and issues, then they must have a good understanding of family law. Even though a basic understanding of family law might come in handy for a very short marriage with little or no assets, things tend to be different when it comes to complex situation. Keep in mind family law is a complex area of law.

That is mainly the case in complex child custody cases that involve move away, child abuse, abduction and complex financial cases that entail self-employed spouses. Be sure to find out more about their understanding of family law before you can finally decide on anything.

The Bottom Line

Knowing what to expect from divorce lawyers will serve you perfectly when searching for the best around. To ensure you get the help you desperately need, keep in touch with PKWA Law Practice. Alternatively, you can check out MediaOne website and get more info about divorce lawyers here. It is then that you will choose the best divorce attorney for your needs without having to spend more money than you had initially planned for.

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