Officer took bites from his own sandwich yet accused McDonald’s worker


Recently, an officer at Indiana has been in the timeline of many newspapers. The officer accused a McDonald’s worker thinking that he had eaten the order he placed even before receiving. He further added the worker took several bites which he shouldn’t have and handed over him and with a small fries.

However, the officer totally had forgotten about reality. He forgot about himself taking a bite or several bites from that sandwich and later accused the worker. He did not pay attention to what action he had taken but chose to target the worker.

Unwilling to realize the action done by the officer at the Marion County Jail, he accused someone who was not alleged to do something this bad. Later, when the officer went to McDonald’s and talked to the manager he found out that it was not him who did this.  Further, he added while preparing to take a meal he saw few bites on the sandwich along with the fries.

When the investigation was done, the officer totally understood where it all went wrong.

When the officer was asked, he apologized to the worker. In his words, he stated, “When he brought the meal including a chicken sandwich and a small fries, he had taken a few bites of sandwich. He later kept it in the refrigerator and went for work. After seven hours, when he came, he did not remember and totally forgot about the sandwich that he had taken bites off.

In this explanation, he tried to recall and remember what happened and thus, apologized for the mistake committed by him.

Later, even after all the accusation, McDonald’s workers did not urge to speak anything bad. Rather, accepted and forgave the officer. And this, the cooperation of the workers led the Marion County Sheriffs officers to praise the workers.

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Michel Opana
Michel Opana
Michel Opana was born in 1988, is an American technology journalist. She's presently the editor in chief of Wired and erst the editor of the Thompson could be a contributor for CBS News and frequently seems on CBS This Morning and CBSN. Michel graduated high school from Phillips Academy, she graduated from Stanford Phi Beta Kappa and with honors. She attained a double major in earth systems and government, whereas conjointly finishing a 3rd degree in political economy. She was conjointly the US President Scholar and vice chairman of the scholar government. Email:

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