How to Get the Most from A Recruitment Agency


So you’ve finally made up your mind to work with a recruitment agency to find you a new job. Congrats! This is a step in the right direction if we are to go with the numerous benefits that employment agencies in Singapore have to offer.

But how should you handle the relationship with an employment agency? If you cannot answer this question hassle-free, then you’ve certainly come to the right place. Read on and unearth some of the tips to get the most from a recruitment agency.

Build a Strong Relationship with Recruiters

First things first, you need to maintain a strong relationship with the recruitment agency of choice. To pull this off successfully, make follow ups every couple of weeks via email or call. This does not mean you should go overboard as it might end up working against you.’

Keep in mind a recruitment agency is always going to get in touch with you whenever they have information regarding an interview for you. Making regular follow up is, therefore, going to detract the recruitment consultant from doing their job. This in turn affects your chances of getting the job of your dreams.

Be Honest

Truth be told, there’s no way a recruitment agency is going to help you if they have no idea about the type of job you’re searching for. To stand the chance of getting the most from a recruitment agency, always be open and honest with them and answer their questions as best as you can.

The recruitment agency is only trying to examine if you are right for the job rather than tripping you up.  For this reason, they ought to know specifics and will at times ask hard questions. The more a recruitment agency knows about you, the easier it will be for them to land you an interview.

Final Thoughts

Getting the most from a recruitment agency is not that hard as some job seekers make it sound. All it takes is for you to understand what is expected and you’re good to go. This does not imply you should settle on the first employment agency you find since some might not help you with anything.

Instead, carry out a detailed research and examine what different recruitment agencies at your disposal have to offer. It is then that you’ll make a well-informed decision without going through a lot.

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