How To Find Your Private and Public IP Addresses


Each device on your network tends to have a private IP address that is only visible to other devices on the local network. For those who may have no idea what we are talking about, an IP address or simply Internet Protocol address identifies each networked device and computer on a network. As soon as you sign up with the internet services and connect your modem, you will be assigned a public IP address by your ISP. It is through this address that you are able to communicate with all other devices on the public internet.

Finding your IP address is not that hard as some people tend to think. Actually, the fastest way to find IP is by asking a website as it sees your public IP address and can easily tell it to you. One of the most notable sites you can consider using is WhatisMyLocalIP since it is not only quick but also the only IP tool that displays both public and local IP. All it takes is for you to visit the site after which it will show you your public and local IP address. What is even more fascinating is the fact that it can display IP address of Smart TV.

The same case applies when you want to find a device private IP address since you can complete this action within the shortest time possible. In order to avoid encountering difficulties, it is highly advisable that you read guides that share information on how to find your IP address regardless of the platform you might be using. To give you a tip of the iceberg, you ought to check out the networks settings on your devices from where you need to look for any information labeled “Wi-Fi,’ “TCP/IP,’ or “IP Address.” Through this action, you are destined to find your private address without going through a lot.

Final Thoughts

This article will come in handy if you are having no clue on how to find mobile public IP hassle-free. The good news is that What is My Local IP address, a unique IP tool makes it easy for individuals to check their local IP address and public IP address within the shortest time possible. Simply visit their official website after which you can access this information free of charge regardless of your current location.

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