Data Mining vs. Data Warehousing

For many people, telling the difference between data mining vs data warehousing is a thorn in their flesh. However, this should never be the case considering these two are totally different and you can easily tell the difference as long as you carry out a detailed research. For those who might not know, a data warehouse is simply an environment for keeping vital data captured from different sources. Data mining, on the other hand, is all about extracting valuable information and patterns from data.

When looking forward to understanding the difference that exists between data mining and data warehousing, it is highly advisable for you to examine their key features. To give you a slight insight into the features, data warehousing tends to be non-volatile, time-variant, integrated and subject oriented.  Things tend to be different when it comes to data mining since it involves the automatic discovery of patterns and prediction of likely outcomes. If this is not enough, it also prioritizes large database and data sets while at the same time creating actionable information.

Even though they might be totally different, both data warehousing and data mining offer numerous benefits. For instance, data warehousing plays a vital role in creating quality data not forgetting cost reduction and improved performance & productivity. This is exactly what you need if you’re to take you business to the next level without going through a lot.

As for data mining, you can predict prospective clients who happen to be interested in specific products.  Better, you’ll understand current trends in the marketplace thus staying ahead of your competitors at all times. Remember, business competition is always going to exist regardless of the industry you choose to venture in. Thanks to data mining you are destined to carry out an effective trend analysis and model financial markets.

Now that you already know the difference between these two, you should settle on one that offers maximum results. Be sure to understand what they are all about before you can finally make any decision as it will determine the success or failure of your venture.