The Modern Mix And Match Of Shoes And Clothing


These days, fashion is fun and creative. Sure, there are some people who stick to old-style rules of wearing only this with only that, but times have changed. We all have a unique fashion sense and should be allowed to exercise that special appeal that makes us different and exciting.

The Color Wheel

Back in the day, women were taught only to match their shoe color with the color of their ensemble. For example, a yellow dress meant a pair of yellow shoes to complete the outfit. There is certainly zero wrong with head-to-toe monochrome styling, but you can think outside the box and nail your look.

At the moment, we have more innovative ways to approach our footwear, and we don’t mean slipping into a pair of black pumps.

Style experts believe that a pair of yellow shoes are fun, modern and eye-catching. They suggest teaming a pair of yellow shoes with any ensemble that features the color blue. Navy, especially, looks sublime with yellow, and color professionals also name green as another great outfit shade to pair with your sunny footwear. Green sits right next to yellow on the color wheel, so that is a good choice to make.

The Sneaker Revolution

Another old rule most women grew up with was the casual vibe that sneakers deliver, and that meant only wearing your trainers with jeans, shorts or exercise clothing.

Today, sneakers have been undergoing a fashion revolution and taking over some runway shows. You can wear a great-looking pair of designer sneakers with a party dress, suit, maxi, midi or mini and just about any outfit on the planet. The look is fresh, simple, comfy and acceptable.

The late iconic designer Karl Lagerfeld got the ball rolling in 2014 when he sent all his models down the runway for Chanel wearing couture and sneakers. The unusual look caught on, and these days, high fashion also means being less uptight and feeling liberated.

Kitten Heels’ Meow

The kitten heel is back with a feline roar and bringing that elegant, feminine touch to clothing. Like a quality pair of white leather sneakers, the kitten heel is also a modern option for versatility in fashion. The classic kitten heel is slim and low at 1.5 inches to about 1.75 inches, so the shoes don’t pose a challenge when walking, standing or sitting for long periods of time.

The kitten heel can be mixed and matched with all your favorite clothing. For example, former First Lady Michelle Obama often wore a kitten heel during her time at the White House. She was considered a trendsetter and a woman who approached fashion with a no-nonsense style.

At the moment, the kitten heel is purring. In other words, everyone’s wearing them. The shoe style can look lovely as kitten heel booties with jeans. They’re also cute in mules and as slingback pumps and slingback sandals and as classic pumps.

The kitten heel looks elegant with formal wear and casual wear.

Today’s contemporary fashion attitude means mixing and matching shoes and clothing. Use your imagination, and try some on. You may be surprised how awesome those shoes or sneakers look with that ensemble.

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