Sony to Release New Handheld Gaming Device to Rival Nintendo Switch


Sony hasn’t announced a dedicated PlayStation portable device, but that will soon change. A new handheld gaming device is on the way, dubbed PlayStation Portal, which will allow console owners to play their installed games on the go. The device aims to address a few past pain points that have plagued portable game systems, specifically the need to connect the system to a TV or risk compromising on visual quality, control setup, or ergonomics.

Previously known as Project Q, the Portal can stream games over Wi-Fi from a PS5 home console to the device, running the game on its eight-inch LCD screen. While the LCD isn’t as high-resolution as a modern OLED panel, it still delivers impressive visuals with bright colors and an expansive screen view. Sony still needs to release the display’s brightness, color gamut, or HDR specs, but I’m confident it will do well for a handheld.

The Portal will use a new connectivity standard called PlayStation Link, designed to replace Bluetooth and offer a standardized experience for gamers. That includes using PlayStation’s new wireless headsets and earbuds, which are launching this year along with the Portal. The Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore feature haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, a touchpad, and a 3.5mm headphone jack that can be used to pair the devices with a smartphone or PC.

Another area where the Portal hopes to improve on current portable consoles is battery life. The company targets between seven and nine hours of gaming time with the handheld, which would be decent for a device in this category. IGN’s tech editor Bo Moore tried out the device early and, in a hands-on video, says that the Portal doesn’t exhibit any noticeable latency, so it should be able to deliver the kind of immersive gameplay most gamers will expect from a portable gaming system.

Moreover, the Portal can wake up a PS5 remotely and begin streaming content to its screen without being physically connected to the home console. This is a significant improvement over using a mobile app to connect to a console via Remote Play. The problem with these mobile apps is that they can be sluggish sometimes, which you want to avoid when playing on the go.

It’s important to note that the Portal isn’t a standalone console and will only work with games installed on a PS5 home console. It can’t play cloud-streamed games available through the PlayStation Plus Premium tier, which could eventually be supported with a future device revision. Ultimately, the Portal will be an excellent option for gamers in homes with constantly occupied living room TVs and those who want to play PS5 games on the go. It will launch later this year for $200.

Joel Guerrero
Joel Guerrero
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