Points to Consider When Purchasing Entrance Mats for Your Business


When looking for a high-quality entrance mat, it is essential to consider several factors. This includes the material, size, and shape of the mat. These factors will help ensure you get a floor mat that is perfect for your business. Popular entrance mat materials include nylon, polypropylene, coir, cotton, and microfibre. Each material has unique characteristics make it ideal for different applications and environments.

Choosing the proper entry matting is an essential step to promoting your business. It will give your customers and guests a positive impression of your establishment and protect your flooring from dirt and moisture that can lead to scuffs or other damage.

Entrance mats also help keep your facilities clean by catching and removing debris, dirt, and grime. These features can save your business time and money by reducing cleaning costs and eliminating the need for expensive carpet or tile replacement.

A high-quality entrance mat can also help promote your company’s brand and logo. In addition, you can create a cohesive theme by matching the colors and design of your mats with other elements in your space. You can find a variety of shapes, sizes, and patterns for your entrance mats, and some can even be customized with your company’s logo or branding. A custom-made entrance mat will make your business look more professional and inviting.

Heated Entrance Matting for Cold Climates

Heated matting will allow people to wipe off their shoes in cold weather, avoiding snow and ice buildup on the surface. These mats are great for use in areas with traffic, like retail or commercial buildings.

Indoor Door Matting for Home and Business

A thicker mat is generally recommended for indoor doors to help prevent the door from slamming open. However, it would help if you were careful about selecting a mat that is too thick, as this can impede your ability to open the door smoothly.

Indoor mats don’t have to withstand as much environmental wear and tear, so that they can be made from various materials. If you need a thicker mat, you may want to try a coir matting that is more durable than traditional rubber matting.

Choose the correct sized mat for your entranceways

It’s essential to buy a large mat to accommodate the amount of traffic your doors receive. If you don’t, your customers will be uncomfortable and frustrated when they enter your store.

The size of your entranceway will depend on the building you own. For example, a small door requires a smaller mat, while a double-wide entryway requires a larger mat. If you have a single doorway, an entrance mat that is 3 feet wide or more is recommended.

It would help if you also considered the height of your entryway. A mat that is too low will cause a trip or fall hazard. There are many other factors to consider when purchasing entrance mats, but this guide should help you make the best decisions for your business. If you have any questions, please get in touch with our Ultimate Mats experienced team for advice!

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