Ousted Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi Dies While on Trial


Egypt’s former President Mohammed Morsi who was ousted by the military after only one year in power collapsed and died while in a courtroom.One of the leading figures in the now-banned Islamist Movement Muslim Brotherhood, Morsi had just completed speaking while inside a cage at a hearing on charges of espionage.State TV have associated his death with a heart attack. However, Muslim Brotherhood said Morsi’s death was a full pledged murder. Before this untimely death,his family and activists had complained about him not receiving treatment for serious health complications such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Unfolding’s While in Court

Mohammed Morsi collapsed after addressing the court in Cairo over charges of espionage linked to suspected contacts with Hamas, a Palestinian Islamist group.Hamas had a very close relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood.  During the court session, Morsi spoke for a couple of minutes (About five minutes) while locked in a soundproof glass cage. As per reports from officials, the soundproof glass cage was meant to prevent him from disrupting the proceedings. After collapsing, Morsi was pronounced dead in hospital at around 16:50 local time.Egypt’s public prosecutor said he had not displayed any signs of recent injuries on his body.

Morsi, who happened to be Egypt’s first democratically elected President in 2012, was already serving 45 years in jail for three different trials. These trials included leaking state secrets,torturing anti-government protesters and leading an outlawed group. During his leadership, Morsi rejected the court’s authority. This was also the case among his supporters who condemned the trials for being politically motivated. They also associated the trials with an attempt to provide legal cover to a coup as it was based on undependable witnesses and negligible evidence.

Impact of Morsi’s Death in Egypt

The untimely death of a leader who will be widely remembered by many as the first democratically elected president is certain toexacerbatepassion among his allies and supporters both in Egypt and beyond. Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has already described him as a martyr. Others are also set to follow suite.

Before Morsi’s death, there had been concern about the political trial which has kept him in prison.Other people were also concerned about his conditions of confinement since he had a history of ill-health. It is only last year that a British parliamentary panel reported he was being held in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day.This was considered as torture as it could lead to his untimely death.

There has been a mixed reaction after the death of Morsi. The Freedom and Justice Party together with the Muslim Brotherhood political arm have already linked his death to “assassination. They have even gone ahead to urge his supporters to gather at the funeral and hold demonstrations outside each and every Egypt embassy all over the world.For now we have to wait and see how things are going to unfold before and after his burial.

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