Lisa Marie Presley’s Death: A Reminder of the Rare but Serious Risks of Bariatric Surgery


The recent passing of singer Lisa Marie Presley has shocked fans worldwide. While initial reports speculated about the cause of her death, a new report suggests that she succumbed to a small bowel obstruction, a potential long-term complication of bariatric surgery. Presley’s unfortunate demise highlights the importance of understanding the risks associated with weight loss surgery and the need for ongoing medical care and attention following such procedures.

In recent years, bariatric surgery has gained popularity as an effective means to combat obesity and its associated health issues. The surgical procedures involved in bariatric surgery aim to restrict food intake or alter the digestive process, leading to significant weight loss in individuals who have struggled with obesity.

While bariatric surgery has been successful in helping many individuals achieve their weight loss goals, it is not without risks. Small bowel obstruction is one such rare but potentially severe complication. This condition occurs when the small intestine becomes blocked, impeding the passage of food, fluids, and digestive juices.

Small bowel obstruction can occur due to various factors, such as adhesions (scar tissue), hernias, tumors, or twisted intestines. Symptoms of this condition include abdominal pain, cramping, bloating, nausea, vomiting, constipation, severe cases, fever, and dehydration. Timely medical intervention is crucial to prevent complications and potentially fatal outcomes.

Reports indicate that Lisa Marie Presley had been experiencing abdominal pain, fevers, vomiting, and nausea for months before her death. However, she had not sought medical attention, which may have contributed to the severity of her condition. Unfortunately, small bowel obstructions can be challenging to diagnose, especially when the symptoms are mild or non-specific.

The case of Lisa Marie Presley underscores the importance of post-operative care and regular medical follow-ups for individuals who undergo bariatric surgery. Patients must receive proper education about potential complications and be vigilant in seeking medical help if they experience any concerning symptoms.

Medical professionals play a crucial role in identifying and managing complications related to bariatric surgery. Routine monitoring, including physical examinations, blood work, and imaging studies, can help detect potential issues early on and prevent adverse outcomes.

In light of this tragic event, increasing awareness about the potential risks associated with bariatric surgery is vital. Patients considering weight loss surgery should be well-informed about the possible complications, the importance of long-term follow-up care, and the need to seek medical attention promptly if any concerning symptoms arise.

The passing of Lisa Marie Presley, potentially due to a small bowel obstruction following bariatric surgery, is a tragic reminder of the importance of understanding the risks associated with weight loss procedures. While bariatric surgery can provide significant health benefits for those struggling with obesity, it is essential to prioritize ongoing medical care and attention to ensure the best possible outcomes. By fostering patient education and raising awareness among medical professionals, we can work towards minimizing complications and promoting safer experiences for individuals undergoing bariatric surgery.

James Lumb
James Lumb
James Lumb was born March 9, 1989, and is an American business author and television science, presenter. He has a private business editorialist for Yahoo school, a business correspondent for CBS News Sunday Morning, an editorialist for Scientific yank and a technology columnist for The big apple Times. He additionally the host of star Science Now on PBS and was the host of the star specials creating Stuff in 2011 and 2013 and searching the weather in 2012. Pogue has written and co-written seven books within the For Dummies series (including Macintosh computers, magic, opera, and classical music). Email:

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