How to shop for custom NETS flashpay card?


Custom nets flashpay card

If your business is offering services, products or commodities through the use of the internet then a customised NETS FlashPay card can prove to be a great success. A customised card allows you to stand out from the crowd and gives potential customers the confidence that they will not be paying high fees on credit or debit cards, or over the counter money. You can also use the customised NETS FlashPay card to give your clients a statement of accounts, showing them how much money they have spent over a given period. This is a quick and easy method for accounting your customers which could then prove to be invaluable in the future. Also, having statements of account ready to give to all your customers could mean you do not need to hold your customers’ hands or count their money as they would be doing it on paper.

Customised cards are generally made to order depending on the requirements of the customer. You can either select a design from our portfolio or get one created specifically for your business. These can be used in conjunction with our standard printers, or printed directly onto standard card-stock. Either way, once the card has been printed you can then attach a logo, bar code, and a personal message on the back.

There are some advantages to using customised cards. Some of these advantages include the fact that a business will not need to print the same card for every item sold, since they will be able to produce a new one each time they want to process a transaction. This also means that customised cards will likely last longer than a regular card, as the ink used in printing will stand up to the environment a little better.

Nets flashpay card also stands the chance of being damaged during use by customers more so than a standard card. If a customer is carrying a standard card and puts it in their pocket to pay for something, for instance, they may put it in their purse, or lay it on the table, and then leave it. A customised card will stay in place until it is removed, at which point it will be destroyed along with the item it was issued to.

If you are using NETS flashpay card in conjunction with merchant accounts, you can get additional perks such as free printing, free shipping, no sales tax, no additional membership fees, no minimum order requirements and no blackout periods. You will pay just a one-time fee for your NETS flashpay card account.

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