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So you are wondering how to open MOV file on Mac? For those who might not know, MOV files are video files known to work natively with QuickTime player developed by Apple. The extension MOV, which is short for Apple QuickTime Movie, is shipped with the Mac operating system. What makes these files remarkable is the fact that they can be opened in other applications such as Safari and VLC player. If this is not enough, you can also copy it into iTunes playlists. However, the problem sets in when you have to play MOV files on a Mac. To offer a helping hand, here are some of the ways in which you can pull this off successfully.

  • Dragging a MOV File Into an Application

One of the easiest ways of opening MOV file on Mac is by dragging it into an application in order to play it. However, you need to make sure you are using the best multimedia player for Mac if you are to avoid any issues. A good example of such a multimedia player is the renowned Elmedia video player. This one of a kind multimedia video player is available for free on Appstore download. Alternatively, you can decide to add a MOV file to your iTunes library. After doing this, you can access the MOV file from the movies tab.

  • Opening a MOV File Using Quick Look

Quick Look can also come in quite handy whenever you want to open MOV file in Mac. All you need to do is highlight the MOV file after which you should press the space bar button on your keyboard to open it in Quick Look. With Quick Look, you can open the MOV file quickly and easily as it has buttons for switching the player into full-screen mode. If the MOV file is contained within a folder, then you simply have to open Quick Look by highlighting the eye icon at the top of the folder window.

The Bottom Line

There are different ways for opening a MOV file on Mac. You should therefore choose one you are conversant with. For those using an application, you need to ensure you have a video player without ads. In most cases, ads tend to be spyware or malware thus disrupting the normal operations. Use an App Store direct link when downloading an application to avoid coming across malware.

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