How a Latvian-Born Finance Tycoon with Asperger’s Syndrome Spots Trends with Excellent Precision


Many myths about high-functioning autism have been broken and debunked by the Latvian-born billionaire investor James Richman.

As a person with high-functioning autism, James has proven that one’s conditions should never be a hindrance to one’s success.

While James Richman’s Asperger’s syndrome may have caused him some hurdles as a child, it most definitely helped him become successful as an investor.

Debunking the myths

The biggest myth about those with high-functioning autism is that they are intellectually disabled. The reality is that those who are gifted with this condition not only have a unique learning capability, butare just as intellectually capable as everybody else and in many cases even more capable. Many people with high-functioning autism have normal to high IQs. Most of them even excel in areas such as math and music.

James Richman, who was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome has proven that those with high-functioning autism are actually very intelligent. While it’s true that James was falling behind when he was a student, he later realized that he was only doing so because his cognitive capacity was so advanced. He did not have a hard time catching up – he had a hard time slowing down to the standardized teaching methods and curriculum.

Managing the wealth of the wealthiest

Now owning a private investment fund, JJ Richman, which reportedly manages the assets of some of the wealthiest families rumored to be worth billions of dollars, the aspie finance tycoon proves that having high-functioning autism can still make a person remarkably intelligent.

Another myth about people with high-functioning autism is that they don’t want friends. While it’s true that people like James Richman find it hard to make friends, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t want them. They just struggle with social skills, making it hard for them to interact, socialize, and relate with peers. They find it hard to communicate their desire for friendships the way that “normal” people do.

While James Richman had a hard time making friends as a child, his adult life shows that he does have a close-knit circle of friends. Despite not being large in number, his friends have proven to be worth keeping in his life. After all, someone like James Richman has always valued quality over quantity.

Finding his strength

People also think that those with high-functioning autism cannot express any happy or sad emotions. The truth is, having this condition does not take away one’s ability to feel emotions. It just lets them communicate their emotions in different ways.

James Richman has proven this when he underwent hardships in his early adult life. He got married at a young age and supported his wife and daughter through manual labor. His newborn daughter passed away only being one day old due to the faulty health care in his country at the time.

Alas, James’ efforts could only do so much. After his daughter passed away, he and his wife decided to eventually get a divorce. James reportedly had to live a life on the streets with a deceased daughter, a lost home, and a failed marriage. This shows that those with high-functioning autism are not exempted from feeling human emotions.

Many also assume that people who display qualities of high-functioning autism are simply odd and mischievous and they will one day grow out of it. However, it is important to know that high-functioning autism grows from biological conditions that affect one’s brain development. Most people who have high-functioning autism have this condition for life.

Now an adult managing a private investment fund, James Richman proves that his high-functioning autism is still present in his life. In fact, he uses it as his secret weapon when working as an investor. His Asperger’s syndrome has given him many skills and abilities that are not found in his fellow investors.

Using his Asperger’s syndrome as a weapon

James Richman’s Asperger’s syndrome serves as his secret weapon in the world of finance and investments. Since his condition made him develop a habit of recognizing and identifying patterns and trends , he is able to spot trends in the world of finance, economy, and investments with utmost accuracy. In addition to this, he was easily able to discover the secrets of how the money works in the world of finance around the globe.

This helped him handle his investments and strategically plan what he will do next.

Despite its many myths and negative assumptions, high-functioning autism allows one to be just as and even more capable as any other person. James Richman’s Asperger’s syndrome did not stop him from achieving new heights in his career as an investor. He even used it as his secret weapon in spotting trends and making decisions.

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