20 hot fashion trends for 2020


As a fashion copywriter, I spend a lot of time keeping tabs on current trends. 2020 is just round the corner, so here are my 20 picks on the hottest picks for the coming year. Let’s get stuck in!

  1. Animal Print
    With stores carrying diverse variations of animal-print clothing, handbags, footwear and even jewellery, these popular prints are here to stay. Get ready to flaunt your wild and sassy side!
  1. Luxurious Leather
    The head-to-toe love affair with leather shows no signs of easing up. Now an all-year-round fabric, having seasonal leather pieces in your wardrobe is an absolute must.
  1. Chequerboard Prints
    Could this be the design that tips the animal-print scales? Expect to see these graphic, eye-catching squares on coats, blazers and skirts in knitwear, and leather.
  1. The Return of the Three-Piece Suit
    A powerful statement, versatile enough to be appropriate all year round. Ditch the contemporary trench in the autumn/winter season for shorts come spring/summer.
  1. The Rise of the Little White Dress (LWD)
    A revival of white airy frocks in lace and silk will help solidify a romantically playful yet polished look from day to night and for every occasion.
  1. Bubble Hems
    Paired with opaque tights and leather boots, the thigh-high hem can be found creating bold silhouettes on coats and dresses.
  1. The Statement Sleeve
    Statement sleeves will remain on the 2020 fashion agenda. Whether you’re going for something feminine, androgynous or edgy, the statement sleeve will be your go-to.
  1. Ribbons, Bows and Sashes
    Not to be tied up with feminine tradition, the contemporary take on ribbons, bows and sashes that includes modern graphics, studs, spikes and leather, will add a little badass to any outfit.
  1. Logo-printed Denim
    Designers will continue to spruce up the wardrobe staple into 2020, from asymmetric hemlines and mismatched jeans to patchwork jeans and colour block jeans.
  1. Athleisure
    The athleisure craze has no end in sight, but only the most innovative will survive. Expect comfortable-yet-fashionable looks that easily transition from day to night.
  1. Femme Rebelle
    Rebellious and inspired, this androgynous punk spirit style loudly lashes out at convention, bringing a surge of grunge, studs and attitude-filled outfits.
  1. Flaunt your Femininity
    Directly opposing the feminine rebellion is a nostalgic yet relevant style for 2020. Cinched silhouettes, boned bustiers and ethereal lace cuts are making a serious comeback.
  1. Sunny Hues
    Possessing great properties for your mind and body, the burnt-yellow turmeric trend will do wonders for your wardrobe.
  1. The Wild West
    Boho-influenced western fashion has been all the rage on the runway. Fringe, beading and even the odd paillettes glistened on suede boots and jackets. Yee-hah!
  1. Fanciful Florals
    Whether you’re into vibrantly busy floral dresses embellished with ruffled collars or a simple white paisley floral-print blouse, florals are still fashionable.
  1. Neon
    Bright neon colours have been a standard that continues to dominate the streetwear and luxury-streetwear space. Expect the mixing and matching of varied hues, effects and gradients in 2020.
  1. Puffer Coats
    In the age of the oversized trend, cosiness is king. Bold neon colours and floral lining adorn long puffer jackets that are worn over tie-dye tees or eveningwear.
  1. Pockets, Pockets, Pockets!
    You needn’t worry about carrying a handbag or purse, as sizeable pockets on your jackets, capes and skirts will hold everything you need.
  1. Genderless Style
    In an increasingly inclusive world, regardless of the trend, expect an increase in the range non-binary, unisex creations available to you.
  2. Sustainable Fashion
    Designers are increasingly aware of the impact they have on the environment, so an increase in eco-friendly labels using recycled and re-purposed sustainable materials will become more common.

There you have it: the trendiest styles, items and fabrics, as well as the sustainable ventures that designers will be showcasing in 2020!

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